Kenny Mac


Why "Epic Music"?

Friends have known that for most of my life, I was a singer-songwriter. Everywhere I went, it was me and my guitar. At school on stage, at the local campus cafe, or even in a lecture hall at my college. For years, I enjoyed playing in front of many crowds and collaborating with other singer-songwriters.

But then something changed.

I fell in love with a different kind of storytelling.

The orchestra has a very unique capacity to tell stories. There is power in the sound of an orchestra. It is able to say what it wants to. And with authority. Treated properly, it does not require any assistance. No need for words. No rhymes. No lyrics. Just pure sound waves.

And I’ve realized why I’ve fallen in love with the orchestra.

I love that with cinematic music, it becomes more of a collaboration between myself and the listener. I provide the base, and you get to fill in the blanks. The setting of the story may be provided through the music, but how you choose to live it is only bounded by your imagination.

And I love that instead of it being about me jumping on stage and taking over the spotlight, its about you, the listener. You as the listener, all of a sudden become the main character. And I as the composer, am your companion to guide you along your journey. 

Music is your tour guide. The rest is all up to you. 

It delights me to hear from my listeners that they listen to my music whenever they pursue their creative endeavors.  When photographers edit their photos, or when artists paint on their canvases, I love knowing that my creative works has served a purpose for someone else.

This is what truly makes me feel connected to the creative arts community. And it is through writing “epic music” that brought me this sense of community.

If you are not familiar with this genre, check out this track pulled from my favorite album for 5 years straight (thank me later).