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New EP Release — "Love & War"

I have always wanted to write an album about love.

Love is the most powerful experience we as human beings can feel. It has the power to take us to the highest of mountains, and the power to pull us to the lowest of valleys. It can exist simultaneously for different people, in different contexts, each with the same magnitude.

Needless to say, it is no easy endeavor to capture such an experience even in the context of music.

7 years ago, I remember scoring a piece to be performed at a friend’s wedding. While doing so, I realized the enormous task at hand — to capture the most powerful human experience in one piece is no easy task. I can only hope to capture as much as I can.

In continuation of my attempt 7 years ago, this project aims to continue my endeavor to explore the depth of this human phenomenon that is love. Although severely delayed, I am grateful that I took the extra time needed to finish this record — it gave me time to sit down, and really think about what I wanted to say.


I am absolutely happy to announce to my friends and family, that the second chapter of my release series, and the epic followup to “Rise & Fall” is officially complete. It is a mini-album that will guide the listener through a journey from the beginnings of love, through the exhilarating experience of courtship, all the way to the very end until death do us part — the grief of separation.

“Love & War” will be released on all major platforms next week on August 23, 2017.