Kenny Mac



"16-Bit Thanos vs Avengers" YouTube Series (2018)

“Theme Song from Couch CO-OP” Podcast Series (2018)

"8-Bit Venom: The Movie Trailer" YouTube Series (2018)

"8-Bit Bumblebee: The Movie Trailer" YouTube Series (2018)

"8-Bit Mission Impossible: Fallout" YouTube Series (2018)

"8-Bit Deadpool 2 Trailer" YouTube Series (2018)

"8-Bit Solo: A Star Wars Story" YouTube Series (2018)

"16-Bit T'Challa vs Killmonger" YouTube Series (2018)

"16-Bit Snoke's Throne Room" YouTube Series (2018)

"The Debugger"  PS4 Video Game  (2018)

"First Time"  Short Film  (2017)

"Pantheons of Kreas"  PC Video Game  (2017)

"The Rebirth Series"  Mini-Album Series  (2016)

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