Kenny Mac



"Kenny's music is dynamic, beautifully scored, detailed, and risk-taking. His attention to the treatment of every instrument is perfectly executed. Kenny's music is lush and extremely creative. Every song ties in to the others, but stands alone as a wonderful composition.

Additionally, Kenny is a great communicator, and always ready to make adjustments that serve the project. He’s easy going, yet passionate about his music and sound quality."

— Piper Payne, President, The Recording Academy


"Wonderful work as always! Kenny is a genius of the soul!"

— Efisio Cross, Star Epic Music Artist


“What makes Kenny’s music outstanding is his rich orchestration and moving harmonies that work together to make the music exciting, and attractive to the ears. Furthermore, his dedication, drive, and vision for what he wants to achieve and his cheerful positive nature makes Kenny a joy to work with.”

Suzanne Weller, Professor of Music Technology


"Gives you chills...Epic use of strings, voices, brass, and a driving beat, reintroduces the melody in so many ways, you'll be leaning in for more."

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